Girly Gift Idea (Continually Updated)

[Note: this post is regularly updated with new finds.  Scroll down to see the most recent favorites.]

Came across this great little item on my tumblr dashboard just now and wanted to repost as a great gift idea for bridesmaids... especially if it's from me.

Not that gifts are on the top of my priority list right now - date and size are still looming over my head, but this is so cute, simple and unique and I had to share. Get yours here.

If it weren't for the price tag, I'd be all over this... for myself and for the five great ladies that will be standing up for me.  It's sterling, it goes right into our work-in-progress theme and it's so different. *sigh*

Dear Etsy,
Please have a sale on these on sale sometime in the next 12 months and I will buy six. I promise.

This great leather clutch from LemkaB would go perfectly with the dresses I hope to find for the girls... maybe they'll want to buy it themselves. :)

Now, if this great Gondola Shopping Basket hadn't sold out, we'd be in business.

The more I look at pretty things, I realize just how crazy I can go with this charmingly-casual and crafty theme I have going.  If I end up posting something on doilies or knitted  wedding gowns, you know I've gone off the deep-end. 

This adorable calendar pendant necklace is a great idea for the girls... What a pretty way to wear your birthday around your neck!


Rachelle said...

Oh, I could get lost in the pictures on your blog! When is your wedding date?

Aisle Runner said...

Awww, thanks Rachelle! Next May (2011)... So much time, and waaaaay too much to look at!
Your blog makes me laugh OUT loud. Love it!