He masters the retail universe of battery sales and he's also a musician/lyricist/ guitarist/frontman in a local band... She is working to convince him to cover Katey Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," would be a great touch to the reception, but so far no such luck.

His favorite foods are sesame chicken and his will-be Mom-in-law's Caesar salad. He loves driving Her crazy with his endless space factoids and universal questions. He has two Shit-tzus that he calls "the kids" and he's a great dishwasher.

She works in PR for The Pampered Chef, and loves anything that she can squeeze into her schedule... blogging and Facebook are her addictive vices, but she also loves tall Americanos (with room), her current ab-workout playlist on her iPod and meals she can make in one bowl (dishes = bleghk).

She loves creating and editing resumes for people and referencing her bird knowledge skills (thanks, Dad) whenever possible. She loves His "kids" and driving Him nuts with her indie rock favorites.

Here's the post with the proposal story details, if you want to check it out.

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