Venues - Eeny, meeny, miny, mo...

The Top 10 Places We Both Agree Are Fabulous
(based on price, location or aesthetic)

TOP FIVE (In no particular order)

1.) Byron Colby Barn
  • Pros: unique, pretty neighborhood, do-what-you-want set up, has a stage (probably more, just haven't read through all the stuff)
  • Cons: size, limited amenities, will need a church
2.) Shores of Turtle Creek
  • Pros: on-site coordinators, location, resources/references, lots of privacy, parking, customizable services/no corkage/cutting fees, no vendor requirements, standard linens included, rain plan in place, outdoor ceremony option, pictures on site
  • Cons: limited indoor ceiling lantern option, no acoustics for outdoor ceremony, no close hotels for out-of-town guests
3.) Riviera
  • Pros: gorgeous site, great town, hotels in walking distance, full service/been around awhile, pictures on site/near
  • Cons: price, time options, no coordinator assistance - very self-serve, all outside vendors, street parking for driving guests/valet needed
4.) Morton Arboretum
  • Pros: beautiful, private, coordinator aide, decor not needed for outdoor ceremony, pictures on site
  • Cons: rules + regulations, all outside vendors, limited time frames
5.) Audubon Hall/Native Garden 
  • Pros: location, outdoor/indoor options, pictures on site
  • Cons: rules + regulations, new-er venue choice, limited time frames, confusing date schedule
BOTTOM FIVE (In no particular order)

6.) Cuneo Mansion 
  • I always loved this place, but it felt too formal for us
7.) Kohler
  • The distance was why we had to cut it from our list
8.) The Enchanted Barn
  • This was even further than Kohler, but it was even more sad to cut this from my list - so beautiful
9.) Piper Hall, Loyola University Chicago
  • Size and lacking alumni benefit made it unrealistic, despite the great view and the tugging heartstrings for my alma mater
10.) Meyers Castle
  • So cool, but I'm not going to Indiana
  • Location was too much - but what a neat space

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