DIY Sparkle

In my bachelorette party-planning past, I had guests decorate black flip-flops to match the bride's summer-chic gerber-daisy pink and green theme to wear at the reception and it was a girly craft-time success.  For mine, I'm thinking I'd like to do these. (Thanks, Martha, again for your crafty genius.)

I have zero interest in knowing any of my girls - or myself, for that matter - are uncomfortable in heels for the majority of the day, and I always think its fun to include friends not in the wedding party into a wedding-related project that they can wear that day too. Given that our ceremony is outdoors and dancing is to follow, flats seem like a wise choice for at least part of the day.

What you need:
- Ballet slippers (to be worn at the ceremony/wedding), preferably satin finish
- White glue
- Paintbrush
- Glitter (in the color of your choice)
- Painting tape

What you do:
- Tape off line on slipper
- Paint on the glue
- Sprinkle on that glitter
- Dry and wear

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