Planning stress eased with new ear candy

So, wedding stuff is temporarily halted while the guest list dilemma is worked out... I'm finding it increasingly funny-slash-obnoxious that His and my dream number was 100, which we were not shy to request, and we are solidly stuck at 125. Ha. That's working out like we hoped. I mean, we were at 154, so improvements have been made. I'm just saying.

I'm not bitching... really. Okay, so I am. (I'm allowed this one post. It's my blog, gosh darn-nit.)  I'm really banking on the fact that our holiday weekend date will divert the attendance of those we don't

You may not think that 25 people could make or break us, but with our top choice venue in mind... it just might.

Basically, the current breakdown (as far as I've worked out) is this (and mind you, I suck at math - hardcore):

Food - $18.50 pp (including an approx. cost for dessert)
Linens - $2.50 pp
Drinks - $10.00 pp (a bloated approximation, I hope)

So that's about $31.00 pp x 125 guests = $3,875, which does not include invites, decor, flowers, venue, music/lighting/projector, ceremony site/chairs, bride/groom attire, favors and bridal party/parent gifts.  If we were able to limit guests to 100, we'd be cutting the costs above to $3,100, leaving us more flexibility for the nine other budget areas.

This is all based off the numbers of one caterer from our preferred venue, with the intention of getting desserts and drinks from COSTCO, to keep costs low.

Anyway, the new albums (with free online album previews) from
The Bird & The Bee album (chock-full of refreshingly chill covers of Hall & Oates) and She & Him Vol. 2 (a continuation of their amazing synergy) are totally making the whole wedding-planning thing more bearable. There is no way to stress out when listening to a remix of Maneater. Highly recommended.

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