My apologies for the previous blog post... It was a meh sort-of day and I haven't had much inspiration this week... until now. So today, enjoy this winged collection of greatness...

I came across this adorable dessert on my tumblr forever ago, so I can't credit anyone, but I do want to recreate it. I'm thinking I can handle this. 

Though, if any fellow owl lovers moonlight as confectioners or bakers, I want your info.

I will have this phrase featured on something somewhere somehow. Thanks, My Owl Barn, for finding this great little stitch-work piece

Yes, it's cheesy. No, I don't care.

No idea where to find this exact necklace, but I am thinking that owl-themed accessories would make great gifts for the girls... 

Now, what to do for the groomsmen?

And, here, my friends is my midst-creation owl topper. I fell in love at first sight with Melabo's work and style. This is fantabulous!

I was pretty close to do an "interspecies couple" --- elephant and a giraffe, or a cat with the owl, but decided since he doesn't particularly care one way or the other, I'm going owl out. (buh-dum-chee)

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