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So, tearing through my latest Brides magazine, I stop short to read about Maggie Adams' and Trevor Hanger's big day in Duck, North Carolina (note: I started to read it because Duck, NC is my favorite family vacation spot...sign!).  These two DC-residents and political fiends found a way to incorporate their red/blue hobby into one adorable wedding campaign theme.

I stalked down Maggie's story and found her blog, The Freckled Citizen.  Check it out for the how-to of her big day.

The first photo below was the inspiration board from their invitation designers, ABC Design Inspiration. Read more about the process for the story in Brides.

The campaign wedding buttons are fabulous!

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Maggie said...

Hi there, thanks for the compliment! We loved our weird wedding to pieces - it's so fun seeing that others "get it," too.

One small note of clarification - that inspiration board was mine, not ABCD's. It'd be immensely more professional and polished if Amy did it, I assure you!

Thanks again.