Danny & Annie

There are 102 more days until the "big" one arrives. Feelings of anxiety, excitement, paranoia and anticipation are beginning to show themselves in the day-to-day, much to my dismay. As I start to lose myself to the vital importance of table centerpieces and ceremony decor, Valentine's Day shows up at just the right time to remind me of the meaning of this big event.

Dont' get me wrong, I'm not a supporter of the sales-focused holiday, but there is a nugget of greatness in being forced to show your appreciation and affection to that special someone who is always around, and often taken for granted.

Yesterday, as I was still trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do for his Valentine's Day gift, a friend posted a video on her Facebook page with the warning: "This is adorable. and is likely to make you cry." She was so right, but my Valentines dilemma was solved.

I decided to use this as his make-shift Valentine's card and pop by with an a la carte sushi meal and carton of wine (don't judge) courtesy of Whole Foods, and preview our Dexter marathon with the video below. After we watched it together, he told me that this would be us one day. I believe him. By the end of the night, full on Dexter, wine and rolls, he told me this was his best V-Day ever. (#ftw!)

The story of Danny and Annie captures everything that I hope he and I become when we grow up: in love despite every circumstance every day; forever. He reminds me that it's possible.

Happy belated V-Day. Enjoy.

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