Melt-in-your-mouth favor---ites

How could I not share this?

This is fantasmic.  The D-I-Y chocolate bars wrapped in pictures of the B&G are courtesy of (my favorite) Martha Stewart Weddings.

Click for How-To.

Given that I have a few relatives in the chocolate business, I'm thinking that this is a serious possibility.  Though I can't help but wonder what would be the side-effects of putting my chubby-cheeked self all over a table-full of delicious chocolate bars? 

My dignity may be threatened, for sure. Guests may see the effects of what eating chocolate will do to a person, as made evident on my adorably rounded face wrappers, and be grateful for the subtle reminder.  For those who don't realize it and devour away, all the cheeky childhood grins on every wrapper will have been a good market branding investment. 

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