StDs --- Save-the-Dates

OPTION ONE: Ribbon Save-the-Dates

So, I saw these do-it-yourself ribbon announcements forever ago in Martha Stewart Weddings, and looooooooooooooved them immediately.

As I head down the road to Analbridezillaville, I realize that I could be quickly bypassing Cheapnthrifty City, forgoing the budget in place specifically as a result of these D-Y-I STDs (lol- nice accronym). 

I really am not too sure how much less expensive these cards would run in the grand scheme of things. I'd prefer to work with my own printer, pre-cut cardstock envelopes and die cut numbers and, as a result, a $0 savings.  After a little (and I mean minimal) research, I roughly estimated the basic costs involved. Obviously, time is going to be one of the biggest expenses for this project, more so if doing all the work from scratch. 

Basic cost breakdown:
  • LittleDieCuts has the number die cuts available (for 50 cuts of six digits would be around $50).
  • Pre-cut cardstock, corresponding envelopes and ribbon can be found at The Paper Source or other craft supplies stores. (Estimated cost $35)
  • Other costs include: stamps, printing/ink or printer labels, address labels (Estimated cost $80+ depending on number of prints needed)
Any thoughts on how I could get these done for less than $80? Or am I dreaming? 

OPTION TWO: Postcard Save-the-Dates

The other option I've seen is these postcards, also from Martha Stewart. This seems the easiest route for both economic and efficiency purposes.

Thought about making photograph postcards using our engagement photos, but will more likely make it something correlated to our invites - a prequel of sorts to keep in theme.  Two lovely designers are working on samples, and I'll (given their approval) post them here later on.

This will most likely be the direction taken, but I'll keep you posted on what the final results for this project look like.  I'm still in love with the cut-outs but I have zero interest in the project.

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Alex L said...

$35 for paper and coordinating envelopes sounds a bit conservative on the guessing spectrum, especially if Paper Source is where you're shopping. Windy City Scrapbook is an amazing resource and a little less expensive than paper source, but when you're talking qty of 50, you'd probably spend $35 on envelopes alone (that means they'd each cost 70 cents- that sounds low to me).

I got the metallic navy blue paper for TWRA celeb kits on clearance from an online paper company (just google "metallic envelopes") and they were cheap. They cost 1/4 of what Blick was charging (if that) for pretty much the same and had a huge variety of colors, finishes, texture, size, etc. Usually they had coordinating paper.

But I still vote for the clean, simple cheap and gorgeous post cards. Why complicate life? :)