Tips: Little Wedding Things Learned Today

Currently watching videos on Martha Stewart Weddings Luxury Wedding Expo online... full of such pretty ideas.

Notes to self:
  • Photo confetti for to put inside thank-yous or to use as decor
  • Photo frame cake topper - affix to ribbon and tie around middle cake layer
  • Learn basic etiquette, but don't expect guests to know it
  • Never put "no kids" or registry information on the invitation; use conversation as much as possible for specifics
  • Expect to spend 10-15% more than the estimated budget
Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to add some of those videos here - so far, to no avail.

Visited a potential venue today - totally off-the-cuff; happened to be in the area, so Grandma, two siblings and parents all got a taste for the place (I'd seen it previously)... I do like the place, just not yet sold. Regardless, she's got a good resource.  Here's what I pulled from her experience:
  • Don't under-estimate the wonder of Sam's Club
  • Photo montages are a guest favorite ... Every time.
  • Wine-corkage and cake cutting fees are robbery - don't fall for it.
  • Be inventive - it can help to overlook "standard linens."
  • Bubbles as favors are a slippery nightmare.
Man, what a totally productive day.

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