Cake Toppers

Since we're working on a budget, I've decided to explore my etsy options for cake topper ideas. Check out these adorable finds:

Clockwise from top right: 1. Customizable bobble-head-like toppers here. 2. Click here to see love birds in different colors. 3. Try and figure out what a chipmunk and an owl have in common... or find other mis-matched pairs here. 4. Can't go wrong with donut holes available here. 5. Word topper - say what you want in the color/font you want.  6. And we have owls! 7. Love topper. 8. Pair of elephants. 9. The only one he likes so far. ::eye roll::



Kelsey said...

I ♥ the LOVE topper! So adorable!

kate said...

Me too! And I love the potential of the "ever after" topper --- you can have them say whatever you want in any color!
Wouldn't "Aglet Rocks" be great on a cake? haha