Reality of the Wedding Dollar

My aunt sent me this USA Today article the other day and it stopped me short.  To share just an excerpt:

"The $5,251 the average couple spends on rings could be viewed as 105 nights of paying $50 to a babysitter so you can have an uninterrupted conversation, or neck in your car like teenagers. The average $11,000-plus wedding reception bill could cover a cleaning service for the five sticky years many two-kid couples spend in that baby stage, when children spill milk just to see what will happen. The $1,240 brides spend, on average, to buy (and preserve) their dress, veil and shoes could cover 48 weeks of a laundry service. That's four years of outsourcing this chore once a month when things get rough. The average $1,276 flower bill could be doled out, instead, as 127 $10 thinking-of-you bouquets — a once-a-month gesture of love for a solid decade." [view source.]

The actuality of this almost makes me gag, but it's also a great opportunity for me to share our budget with our readership. (ha.)

Our total wedding budget (including wedding bands, dress, reception, ceremony): $9000

We're paying for this mostly out of our (already empty) pockets, but our primary goal is to celebrate our future with our closest people, not go for broke at Day One. We've decided that it's more important to have a secure financial future together as soon as possible, and in order to have that, we're foregoing the designer cake, formal attire, etc, etc. We're having a party and we're doing it on a budget.

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