Rock-Out Invites

It's so difficult for me to not go with this theme, especially since he and I began our relationship @ a Weezer show and concerts have been a past time of ours for the past seven years.  To top it off, he's even a singer/lyricist/guitarist in a local band and I am a self-proclaimed indie-rock junkie. This. Would. Be. Perfect.

Though brilliant, this genius invite and StD idea are more theme-y than I want to go, personally.  I don't think we could handle having our reception at a theatre, I have no intention of having a live band at our event and I certainly don't want to include hair rock music in our dance scheme.  I just don't want to work that hard to have an event-themed event.  So, I guess I'm operating under the philosophy that if we can't jump ship, we should stay on the pier. I might regret this, but I'm currently patting myself on the back for knocking one idea of my heaping pile of Things We Could Do.

Bon Voyage, punk rocker wedding theme! *waves hankie in the air*

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