Marriage Ad Wisdom

Ever since our engagement, I've lost count the number of comments I've received about marriage being difficult. Even my own mother is restraining from being joyful about this time in our lives, as if to say that a wedding is just one day; marriage is forever. I'm not upset by it, but it certainly has me feeling cautious about these upcoming nuptials.

This might be the most helpful form of advertising that I've ever come across. If possible, I think it might be valuable for me to take this, print it and have it framed for our future abode. Not only am I confident that the realistic warning comments from respected married are well-warranted, I also know that the me>we process will be a daily struggle for us.  Are we prepared to regularly make decisions that hold our future plans and current needs in mind, or will we be always struggle to get what we want right now, regardless the side effects? is an amazing organization that collaborates with The thing about this that interests me is that a state (yeah, it's Utah) has found it valuable to create a coalition of sorts that gives couples resources to help them make their marriage relationship stronger.

Click here to get a free handbook from the Utah Marriage, and go here if you'd like to take a personality questionnaire to determine strong points and areas of improvement. It's really amazing.

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