#5 What a Hoot

Credits (top l. to r.): Owl, Etsy; barn reception, Sissel Byington Photography; ceremony program fans, $2000 Wedding; Lena Corwin's wedding hair, Martha Stewart Weddings; California barn wedding, photographed by Leigh Miller; Cake table, photographed by Sarah K Chen. If I inaccurately credited a photo, please let me know!

This might be a little too muted, but I do love the hair piece and the owl.... I'm done with the boards... for a little bit.


Nicole said...

Hey there!! Just to let you know I have been following you since your day 1 post and read your posts almost minutes after they are up in my Google Reader! Sorry for not posting till now but am loving reading along. I have been quite absent from the blogger world and need to get back into it! Excited to see some more of your choices for the big day!! Congrats again!

kate said...

Nicole - You're a doll! Thanks for the support --- I'm loving your Aussie ventures as well!