Arches and Branches and Crafts - Oh My!

We are planning to have our ceremony outside, but I'm still struggling with decor ideas... if we go with our most likely venue, we'll have the ambiance, but will still need to incorporate a decorate feature. I'm not particularly a huge fan of arches, but I think some sort of trellis will help to create a simple center point for the event.

According to Martha, these [pics] are DYI-options ...

After I figure the place and space, I'll plan on recruiting the supplies for this at the end of summer and make the archway a project for next spring. No need to rush now, the poor thing will just hide out in my parents' garage anyway.

With the nature theme that I'm leaning towards, I'll probably go overboard. Either way, I love this hanging branch thing.  It's a great piece to feature select areas/tables of a room.  Not sure that I'll be able to get my hands on branches like these, but I certainly love the idea.

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