[Brides] Just Wanna Have Fun

This is, and always will be, hysterical to me.  (I love The Office and all that is Pam, Jim and Dunder Miflin.) I have zero intention of making a mockery of the whole marriage thing, but I am a major endorser of joy spreading.  I want everyone to be happy and excited for us.  I want the feelings we share for our future to be contagious, undeniable and utterly all-enveloping.  Thanks to couples who also believe in this mission, (e.g. JKWeddingDance), creative song choices and upbeat dance moves are the most effective way to get a mood across. 

Some other wonderful musical and multi-media ideas I've come across are also inspirational and need to be shared.  A celebration can only be steered in the right direction with a love-filled surprise, made truly exceptional with this great idea from the Valentines' Day classic Love Actually:

For more inspirational ideas, I recommend the following:
1. Surprise reception video for husband
2. Mammothian Surprise Group Wedding Reception Dance
3. Not inspirational, but hysterical and certainly a reminder to 
consider a drink limit


sixorangecarrots said...

ok. If only I had half a dozen tuba players, THEN my wedding would be perfect. And, you know, a quartet of violinists. And a signing dude. And an electric guitar. And a big slice of Jim Halpert.

That should 'bout do it. Delicious.

Aisle Runner said...

And, Beth, THAT is why I like you so much.