The Lighting Conundrum

With my $9K budget, I am quickly learning that I am increasing my skillset by acting as my event coordinator, financier, musicologist, caterer and, apparently, lighting designer. Considering, however, that I live like a mole rat - preferring to work, eat, type, live, etc, in the dark - I am less than qualified to take ownership on my tented lighting project.

Enter Mrs. Tiramisu's much appreciated blog post

Though the post is a little old, she covered it all - where to buy and instructions on how to pull it off with a DYI-budget. Oh, so many thanks, Mrs. Tiramisu!

She suggested purchasing lanterns at The Paper Lantern Store, but I've also come across Save-on-Crafts, which I like.

To make your own LED throwies, visit here for the step-by-step instructions. Mrs. Tiramisu also explained how she hung the lanterns, which I found very helpful. She, along with all the bloggers who responded to her post, have all become very helpful resources to me as I venture down this well-lit road.
I'll be putting the Mister on this project, adding photos to show you how it turns out... if it turns out at all.

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