Delicious Desserts

It has been tooooooooooo long.

With all the packing, unpacking, downsizing, garage-sale-prepping, it's been a bit insane. Though I've been preoccupied, I haven't completely lost track of this whole wedding planning thing. The best way to procrastinate dress shopping is by obsessing over desserts.  I've been scouring for delicious and simple treats that have the potential to be created in-house, and here's my current list:

Sorbet Cakes are the perfect solution to a warm weather day.  These adorable individual cakes may be a bit time consuming, but it might be worth it, since you can color-coat them to match your theme!  The tiered Sorbet Bombe idea is another great idea as well... just as time consuming, but it may be more freezer-friendly to have one tiered "cake" as opposed to 130 little ones.

Despite blogger Hannah's hysterically disasterous experience with this  Chocolate Cake with Candied Oranges, it looks delish to me.  This tasty home-made cake has a rich chocolate surprise inside --- a great idea for a sweets table. The idea of having family favorites served at the reception is something to consider as well.  If I can shimmy together relative volunteers, I'll start pawning off recipe requests. I may just tackle my Mom's fabulous recipe and add a fun twist, like the candied fruits for a spark of color.

These irresistibly easy Oreo Balls were picked with the Future Hubby in mind. If we're having a dessert table, it's my first wifely duty to include things like cookie-dough and chocolate-y items...
I think the humid Chicago weather slash my parent's determination to keep the AC off this year is starting to affect my food choices, because here is another ice-cold idea: gelato roses. Obviously, this will take a pro, but oh. em. gee. Beautiful and refreshing and cold...and refreshing... and cold.

Speaking of cold, remember Dippin' Dots? Serving up these dots of icy cream would be an immediate hit with every guest. Order them in bulk at their site.

DYI desserts are totally the thing - check out this Lemon Icebox Cake from Martha Stewart.  Using her store-bought cookie alternative, this is a great and light alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

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