[Continually Updated] Groom's Gifts

If it weren't for the fact that we're already strapped for ca$h, my exuberant husband-to-be would be wearing his own engagement ring right now.  Apparently this is an underground epidemic, because I thought he was crazy when he said this to me. Then, after venting off that conversation to my parents, I was dually informed that my own father had an engagement ring. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? 

Apparently, some guys like their left-hand jewelry. #newstome

Regardless, in anticipation of exchanging gifts with each other, and feeling somewhat confident that He will never read this anyway, this will be a continually updated log of ideas for things I could get him, excluding one super-secret gift that has been in the works for ten years (to be detailed post Big Day) and the obvious choices (including, but not limited to: Blue-Ray DVDs and other guy tech crap).

Retro 50s Radio Microphone Cufflinks, Sterling Silver, Handmade

These great cuff links are (currently) my favorite option. Not only is the set so perfect for him, the singer who uses this microphone, but it's something he doesn't yet have/probably won't know how to use, which makes it a win-win in my book. 

Moustache Travel Mug2.  This Moustache Travel Mug (from handsommoustache dot com) is ideal for multiple reasons. One, he's a coffee addict --- come 8 p.m., that guy slugs back a few shots of espresso on a regular basis. (Yeah, it's bad.) And two, try as he does, he cannot grow a mustache to save his life. I keep telling him that Miracle Grow might help, and I've offered to buy him mascara to fill in his geographic follicular gaps, but he'd rather romp around town looking like a moth-eaten hobo. So, this is more of a gift for me to laugh at.

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