Craft Idea #53428097235 - The Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Now that our venue and date has been secured, I'm beginning to realize I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this whole wedding-planning thing.  Considering that part of my professional responsibility is to coordinate and execute publicity events, I'm sort-of disappointed in myself.  This is way less awesome than I had realized.

Case in point: a crafty, thoughtful, indie, fun wedding theme. Problem: I am not a crafty person. I aspire to be crafty, but I am the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade type crafty. I am not a saw it/sew it kind of crafty. Not sure exactly what I'm thinking as far as pistachio brooches/hair pins/boutonni√®res, or tailor-made cotton-eyelet wedding dresses, or DIY centerpieces, but now I want to add to my list of Martha-Stewart worthy To Dos.

Enter the Brooch Bouquet.
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas
credit: Ruffled blog

Not only do I have two brooches in my own collection, I am an ambulance-ride away when required to use wire cutters. I know that this project is a dangerous, if not also incredibly stupid, thing for me to take on, but man, do I have wedding ambition. (Note: ambition and execution are two parallel things. I have yet to do any of this stuff.)

Though I haven't even tried to put this thing together, I will be prepared for when I do. (If nothing else, I am a great Web researcher.) Here's a list of great resources for putting together this genius bouquet:

It's fuzzy, so check out post #19 on the WeddingBee.

Also, be sure to check out Fantasy Floral Designs for inspiration, or to order a custom made bouquet. Craftmybride is building her own bouquet, so see her tips and results as well. For instructions on how to create a crystal bouquet, check out the Offbeat Bride.

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Anonymous said...

Those bouquets are neat! I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to make all those decisions, especially when there are lots of great ideas to choose from. Good luck!